Valentine Flowers Tips


Her favorite color is white and you innocently thinking of getting some of his white roses. So sweet and so nice of you. However, Valentine's and women want red roses. No matter what even if it is the end of the world get their bloody red rose. You can always give white roses for another time. It can not be so hard to understand Valentine thatST corresponds with red roses. Pink problem is solved. In summary, the Valentine's Day, your color preference is not a factor when it comes to roses.

How Many?

For the love of God there is no need to send you a rose garden or two to three dozen roses. What will you do with so many roses? Open a flower shop?! Be simple and choose only a rose care. Of course there should be a red.


Anytime is the right time to give women roses. Want to give a magical touch to the scene? How about knock at her door at midnight with a rose in his hand? She'll love it.

Let's do a quick overview. No matter what, give the red rose, there is no need to give a rose garden and customize your rose so its not "Just Another Rose '.

To customize your rose can do something more original. What about writing I love you in the rose petal? This is a tricky task indeed. You can also write I love you on the road or even pin mark on the stem. Many male reading this post should be thinking about how this might be lame. Have you ever made an effort to try?

Young now on in a long term relationship. It would be better to give an equivalent number of roses on the number of years they are together. A relationship is equal to one year increased, and efficiently can be maintained as a tradition.

Valentine Flowers Garden

Fragrant Valentine Flowers Garden

Gardeners love the flowers are fragrant garden favorite amazed how many have no smell. So every sense of pleasure Valentine by choosing flowers that fill the room with perfume. Good choices include lilies, freesia, hyacinth, jasmine, lavender, and even some roses. Let your nose be your guide.

Valentine Flowers Gift

Give your Valentine a plant. No gardener would be disappointed with a plant instead of cut flowers. Many areas still too cold to find outdoor plants and even if I could, would have to stay inside until the weather warms. However, in warmer weather, it can give a rose bush instead of a bouquet. Or consider an indoor plant with flowers like an African violet or kolanchoe. Or how about orchid plant already in flower, but with lots of buttons to keep it unopened in bloom for several weeks to come?

Valentine Flowers 2011

How to Choose Valentine Flowers for a Gardener

Roses Valentine Flowers

Indeed, even the gardeners who do not enjoy growing roses, roses enjoy getting. Just try to think of preferences and choose your Valentine a rose garden that complements them. Do they avoid the red flowers in your garden? If so, select the white, pink or apricot roses. Do you have a lush garden cottage style or a more formal border maintained. Home gardeners enjoy as cabbage, roses and tiny, but lush, spray roses. Long-stemmed hybrid teas are more elegant and refined.

Personal Valentine Flowers

Rather than simply give you a dozen roses, give them a pink or rose pruner cutting gloves, a beautiful vase to refill when their own roses come into bloom or a book on roses ... They'll think long after the flowers have faded.

Non Tradisional Valentine Flowers

If you do not want to go with the traditional Valentine's pink, you have two options:

1. Hot house exotic specimens, such as Bird of Paradise or gannets and
2. Style old familiar favorites, such as carnations and gladioli.

Look for stalks with one or 2 flowers open and many of the plump buds so that the screen will last a week or more. You could go and stay with sophisticated 1 type of flower or color or combination of a bunch of big party.

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